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One Down, Another To Go
Sunday, November 10, 2013 @ 11/10/2013 09:52:00 PM

As I am writing this, seconds and minutes tick by, drawing a closure to the week long semester break that had passed. Reality creeps in and snap me out from the carefree environment which I've just got used to, reminding me to buckle up for the rip=roaring ride of semester 2 in another couple of hours. True enough, good times do always come to an end, and my time is running out much quicker than I had thought. Apparently there are only a few pinches of sand left in my hourglass before it is turned over, marking the beginning of the countdown of the days towards the end of pre-university.

The past week was a much needed break for me. it had been the most relaxing week since the start of my foundation, I must say. There is nothing more liberating than to be at home with my family and friends. The reunions I have had with my friends enabled me to catch up with their lives, and at the same time assured me that I am not the only one having a hard time in my pre-U studies as well. We exchanged stories besides reminiscing the good old times we have had and gossiping about other friends, offering advice and encouragement for each other in this transition from high school to university. Being t home made me feel loved, the troubles and misery of living alone abroad, especially the worries of what to eat for every meal faded. The emptiness in me after the first finals was refilled and overflowing with care, concern and love from my family. I am rejuvenated, replenished with a heightened spirit. I am ready for the second semester.

The holidays also provided me time to reflect over the past few months. The thought of the upcoming release of results bugged me constantly, and I tremble at the thought of those terrifying (and disappointing) grades on my slip. The more I tried to shove them behind my head, the more they emerged after each failed attempt of doing so. Now as I enter the commencement of the second semester, these wild thoughts haunt me all the more. Admittedly, I have slacked a little in the first semester, and am rather insecure of my performance in the exam. Knowing that there is a possibility of me under-performing mu acquaintances, I shudder while keeping my fingers crossed that even if it is so, let the difference be as minor as possible. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be done but to keep my head (and hopes) held high and ray for the best. I had resolved to straddle myself for the final semester, to strive to be outstanding in order to secure my newly attained scholarship.

Our programme's group on Facebook was quiet and peaceful for the past few days, and now reminders to complete our research assignments are starting to pop up. That intimidating and demoralizing stress had returned, but I am ready to sprint towards the finishing line once the gun is fired. I am back, and am never more ready to take down whatever obstacles that stand in my way to success.

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