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Awesome Stuff To Remember
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 @ 8/14/2013 07:47:00 PM

The holidays had just passed, it is high time to tune back to the usual routine. For a moment I had to refresh what time does our first lesson starts, I had to be reminded that jeans are not allowed in classes (because I wore it yesterday). Nevertheless, it had been an enjoyable week for everyone, as we get to chill and obtain all the rest that we need. Throughout the week, I have listed some of the awesome things to remember about the holiday. Sit back, relax, and reminisce the sweet memories that we had in the past week: 

  1. Staying up in bed everyday as long as you want 
  2. Waking up and realize you are on your own comfortable bed 
  3. Spending time with family members 
  4. Catching up with friends from previous school 
  5. Roaming around you hometown, reminiscing good old times 
  6. Enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal 
  7. Bathe in warm water! 
  8. Savoring your favourite delicacies of your hometown 
  9. Reading friend's statuses on how are they enjoying their raya break 
  10. Looking forward to resume classes 
  11. Enjoying completing all assignments for the week? 
  12. Sleeping with a smile everyday 

Well, now that all has ended, we have no choice but to let go of these memorable moments, pick up the momentum, work hard, play hard and prepare ourselves to the dreadful finals. However, a gentle reminder would be to embrace the moment of learning, and always see it as a proccess of basking ourselves in the rich, broad and boundless field of knowledge. Our education opportunity is a blessing, so cherish and value it, and most importantly, get the best out of it. 

Happy studying and Quatre Plat, 

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