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Awesomeness in plain text
Monday, June 10, 2013 @ 6/10/2013 08:57:00 PM

The sun not up yet,
say, what nice rest I had... 

The bells shrieked into my half-shut ears, 
banging on my eardrums. 
Someone, turn it off! Frustrated 
I sat up on my bunk 
and slept anyway. 

I hate it so much 
when I lack slumber, 
it was as if my soul was lost 
in a dream world of its own, 
leaving me drowning, in a pool of 

The hours flew by, 
the minutes crept away silently, 
the seconds brushing off my sleeves as it ticks away. 
My head is heavy, 
and heavier. 
And I'm out. 

Boy, that was refreshing! 
That sensation... is it real? 
Am I in my dreams? I hope I am. 

Something is grabbing by hindbrain 
so tightly 
I'm fainting. 
Guess I have to put up with it 
till the end of the day 
when I can again lay 
on my hard but cozy bed. 

Till then my dreading headache would fade away. 
It will surely fade away. 

Joshua is my name
Awesomeness exist in simplicity
Like the red in the rose,
And the green in the grass.
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