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Group Poem - Bullying
Friday, June 21, 2013 @ 6/21/2013 01:53:00 PM

Vicious, violence, rage, anger, consent, vehemence. All these can be seen in the eyes of a bully. Our group (Burhan, Barry and me) were instructed to produce a poem based on a social issue. With one united voice, we set our minds throne of the most happening and relevant issue of all times - bullying. 

Bullying has truly been a serious issue that should be handled promptly. Undeniably, it is most relevant to us students, but sadly it still happens in other settings: be it a workplace or simply a dark corner at the end of the street. We are extremely lucky to have not encountered a bully before, but it is really a pity for those who are silent victims where they keep to themselves all that had happened, just to avoid themselves being the laughing stock of others. Therefore, as time passes by, in them they will develop a sense of lonliness, where they will bottle up their feelings and isolate themselves, possess low self esteem, introverted. All they feel is the torture by their own fears. 

Our poem, entitled 'The Soft Hearted Bully' depicts a bully who has is own dark and bitter past, which shapes how he is at present. Initially two poems have been written, one describing the bully's ferocious actions, and another about the story of his past. It is good that both are putting different points as centre and focus, therefore it was no big trouble for us to merge them into one. All we did was just strike out some stanzas, added some new ideas, and modify a few words and phrases. Once these adjustments were made, our poem was free to go. 

Below would be our poem, a result of our sweat and tears (not really!). We hope you guys like it, and of course we know that it is not perfect. So any suggestion is most welcomed! Your sincere comments are needed for our improvement. 

The Soft Hearted Bully
A menace, a monster
To those names I answer,
To assault and hassle
Puny kids all tremble.

“Get out of his way! It’s him!” they cried
With wide footsteps I strut with gleaming pride.  
I scoffed at them, frighten then with my vicious eyes
With immense strength I shoved them aside.

They call me foe, an arch nemesis
I sneered and jeered ignorantly.
They sent me for counsel, and offered me console
“It’s useless, all in vain!” I don’t need any console.

Pitiful, helpless, they claim I am
Ran out of patience, I see, they have
Only if they knew what I’ve been through
I have been for once, bullied too.

A young, wee lad I was
Born into this world, with the drunkard of a father.
From my mother I always seek comfort
Of her soft and kind nature.

Thump, thud, bang, and crash
Scars and bruises decorated my flesh
All originating from the drunk of the house
Beating me up like a cat on a mouse.

Now I wouldn’t be sorry for being this way
The bad boy, tough guy look on display
Because I have learnt from my father, Mr. I’m Never Wrong
That if you are a weakling, you’ll never last long.

                                                         Barry, Burhan & Joshua 

That is all for now. More entries to come. 

Quatre plat, 

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