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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 5/21/2013 04:30:00 PM

Daddy's BACK! Haha.

A lot of things happened, needless to say, but I certainly won't mention it here. Sometimes I really think: Why bother write a blog, nobody's going to read it anyway...

I'm not good in writing, and blogging WAS only just a pastime for me back then, but after spending so much time all alone, I think I have found a  new hobby, or should I say habit, which would always keep me occupied -- READING. As long as I've been out, reading is a huge part of my daily life, be it academic books, news, articles, journals.... I just have the urge to simply pick up something to read, to fill up my "empty little sack" up in my head.

Yea, I know, most people will react utterly speechless when somebody reveals that he or she likes to read, because, you know, only nerds do that. I thought so too, until I started to engage and realize how important reading is. To read is not restricted to novels only (because that was what I once thought) but can be any other reading material that would spark the interest in us. I've been applying for scholarships, meeting new people and stuff, and it was then when I thought that it would be quintessential to know a little bit about everything. I am fairly happy now that reading had changed me -- into a more fulfilling person, more knowledge-equipped, more mature,and being able to see things from a wider scope of view (as I usually read articles and reports). I am proud to say that I am now NOT the once politically and economically absent-minded idiot I used to be.

Previously I thought that there is no need to know that kind of stuff, because they don't really matter. But as time passes by, you'll come to realize the need to know at least a little bit, then once you've get the kick of gaining the "little insight", you'll want to read more and more. You'll get to realize what a wealth of knowledge  there is to be obtained from many resources. At least that was what happened to me. The best thing is that, the sources are free, but the resources are PRICELESS.

Having said so, I would now officially state my stand or should I say announce my recent paradigm shift -- reading is NOT lame. Well, it more or less depends on your reading material of course! (sorry but I find certain reading materials rather pointless and beneficial, no offence, but of course they do serve to release stress if you need to!)

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