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Sunday, March 3, 2013 @ 3/03/2013 08:44:00 PM

2 weeks to go, until the release of SPM results. The ever awaited day has drifted nearer each day, yet my heart feels nothing. A little nervous maybe, and excited, or afraid, anything can happen.

I've always told myself to give my best in whatever I do For the past year, I've been preparing for it with a huge effort, I have never studied as hard. To a certain extent, I am still awestruck of my past determination, never did I know that I could get that hardworking at all. Pressure can really change a person, I suppose, and I think that as what pushed me back then. Likewise, today I am still driven by pressure and self expectation. The personal goals that I have set for myself need effort to a certain extent, I have to say, because I am often hard at myself. A goal is planned for us to achieve, and achieving something truly requires sacrifice. If a goal is set according to a person's limits, then there would be of no use, because the most important lesson while striving towards a goal is to learn, understand and experience the toil and labor that we endured, and the sweetness of savoring the achievement, and to know that hard work o pay off.

Now that the day has come, I will be harvesting what I've sown. All is still unknown to me, I dare not expect a thing. What has passed is past, no changes can be made. No matter how it would turn out to be, I shall accept it. Of course my hope is to excel, but who knows? It may turn out the other way round, or might not reach the level of satisfaction, can anything be done?

As the days slip by, the time gets closer, my hope gets higher, my heart beats faster, the light at the other end of the tunnel nears and my heart matures, to accept everything as it is...

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