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Malala Yusofzai - A Story of Bravery and Responsibility
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 @ 2/05/2013 06:58:00 PM

Introducing Malala Yusofzai, a 15 year-old Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot at a point-blank range (apporximately one metre) last October by the Taliban for advocating girl's education. As a result of the shot, she experienced hearing loss at her left ear and severe skull damage.

Today, Malala had just underwent reconstructive surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK, which include mending her skull with a titanium plate and help restrore hearing of her left ear though a cochlear implant. For 5 continuous hours, Malala was operated, and thankfully all went smoothly, according to Dr. Dave Rosser, medical director of Birmingham's Hospital.

"I want to serve the people and I want every girl, every child, to be educated" - Malala Yusofzai

She made this mature statement, despite being at a fairly young age. Why, would one want to interfere with all these "adult political matters" when one is able to enjoy the freedom and fun of youth? Now I realized how childish I was in my years of adolescence. Whipped up with enjoyment, relaxation and monotony, my years of youth is defiinitely in vain compared to Malala's. The fact is, a major portion of children today are in a very comfortable situation, leading a life with no worries, too pleasant that they (including me) have lost the vision of how blessed they currently are. While children in other parts of the world are contending for their people and rights, we are blinded by our indifference. Pathetically, we do not know that, some even pretend not to know.

There is absolutely inessential for youths of Malala's age to interfere with major national and social problems. I believe that they know it too. However, they were in a situation so pressing, vital and urgent that there is a need for them to revive the coutry from deteriorating. We know that education is indeed for everyone, but some poeple just do not have the luck to enjoy it as we do. In the midst of complaining and murmuring against the daily laden of homework and assignments, do we pause and take a moment to ponder the incedible fortunate situation we're in? Have we ever imagined the joy friends of our age from other countries would feel if they were in our shoes? When demanding a particular thing from our parents, have we stopped and appreciate everything around us, and feel contented?

Malala Yusofzai, she is a hero to all Pakistanis. Funds are started under her name, and even Malala's Day was celebrated to remember her contribution towards women's rights. Malala has a strong will that we should emulate. Malala will be in the hearts of all pakistanis, as how her consultant neurosurgeon, Mrs. Anwen White put it, as "a very happy, very enthusiastic young women".

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