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Friday, February 8, 2013 @ 2/08/2013 09:15:00 AM

You're hurt, because you asked too much, and you assume that your needs will be fulfilled. You are my friend, but I don't think I am under your control.

You're jealous, although I told you not to, as if you do not know that no freaking person could ever replace you as an awesome friend in my life.

Your are angry, mostly towards me, because you do not get what you want. I do have reasons behind all my decisions, ask me if you want to know them. I have my own principle and rationale, thus I would never succumb to or accept anything without a thorough consideration.

You're discontented, because you never knew how much you meant to me. You are discontented, because you are too desperate to have your desires fulfilled, without thinking of how the other party would feel. Did you know how difficult the situation I was in?

It was your initiative which made us good friends in the first place, and I acknowledge it. I appreciate your first move, because without it, I would never have such a fiend like you.

You're wounded, because of yourself, because you thought a lot. Your fire within was not extinguished even though I had clarified my stand several times. All the while, I do know how you feel, but I tried my best to not to tell you straight, but to let you realize by my indirect words. Have you ever thought that if you let go completely, we would be much closer friends, and less akward?

You fight all my remarks with plastic anger, but you thought that I was too dense to know it.

You feel hopeless, because you could not and would not let go.

You feel like running away from me, but I know that you can't, because you are not strong enough to face the brutal fact.

You tried not to feel envy when I am hanging out with other friends, but I told you there was nothing to be envious about, you just don't listen. What am I supposed to do, without your trust? Deprive myself from socializing?

You are naive, but you're not. Inside you is a desperate soul, so desperate to the extent that you are willing to trade your heart on a string, craving for a response. I know that, but sometimes it had been done on purpose, to let you return to reality, and to let the burning hope in your heart die out.

You purposely made yourself foolish, expect the situation to turn you way, not letting go of the tiniest hope. Release your grasp and rest, lest you are tired.

You should feel guilty, because at times, there is no need to show your true self, no need to be too vulnerable, no need to draw attention on purpose, just be who you want to be, because you already have my attention.

You fight away all those in anger, but did you know, if you were to let go, the would be no need to be angry anymore. This battle is meaningless and unnecessary.

You said you choose to leave me, many times, in fact, and I doubt it every time you said so. However, if you are serious this time, go ahead, but I'll still be here, in case you need me. I've always hoped that you understand that there is no need to leave.

At the end of the day, you feel that there's nothing more you could do, but in reality there is still a way - just let go.

You made yourself a robot, when there is no need to be one. You programmed yourself to get over with each day, but why torture yourself as such?

You made yourself emotionless. The irony is, inside you there are countless emotions going on simultaneously.

Yes, love do exist and will never die. Love consists of various kind, but you had chosen the wrong type of love.

Demanding, truly demanding. That is what you can be at times, especially that last request. No reasons, no explanation whatsoever, and you rejected the answer, as if I must do according to what you say. Should I be sorry? Frankly, I do not think so, but you said that I should be. The truth is, I apologized to be nice, who'd knew that you took the apology for granted.

This is a response to a best friend of mine. Apparently, it seems that I've done something really wrong, but honestly, I think I have already made my stand clear since a long time ago.This friend just could not accept the truth. it may be harsh to say so, but I suppose I have no choice but to do so, to let this friend know how I feel. This might put our friendship to jeopardy, but I feel I have no choice. I would rather have a true fried who respects, than to have one who is depriving me from my freedom. I would never gamble a friendship as such, but now I feel it is the time to fight on or let go. 

Friends forever.

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