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Monday, January 7, 2013 @ 1/07/2013 06:31:00 PM

What an exhausting day! Moved to KL, and just started my new life. I’m like a bird being released from my cage: happy, excited but lonely, ironically.

To tell the truth, I am nervous about staying alone in such a new place. I seldom visit KL and now I’ll have to live on my own here. I am like a stranger towards everything, but at the same time, everything seems so awesome. I’m staying at a very convenient place: near to college and near to Sunway Pyramid, where I can buy all my daily stuff there. Despite all the ease of living, strict regulations and super-tight security, I still tend to get a little bit timid alone in the night. My heart keeps telling me not to be afraid as there are CCTVs anywhere and everywhere, but I could not help being extra watchful.

Another thing in my mind would be my housemates. According to the management office, I am having 5-6 of them to date, but until now I’ve only met 3 of them. Among the 3, 2 are university students (I suppose, as I did not really get to chat with them, what I said was just a simple Hi) and one of them is also a new-comer (who checked in about the same time as me). I guess he’s like me, here for Pre-U, because he looked young, but the truth is still unknown. I do hope that I am able to get along with them well, and be great friends helping each other in all things.

However, one thing to complain about is the hygiene. I have to admit, it is truly very clean in here, but the kitchen/dining area was what made me a little bit unsatisfied. Basically, each resident would have a cabinet for their own, but some of my housemates took 2 for themselves, causing the cabinets to store food to be inadequate. All kinds of food (biscuits, bread, large containers of protein powder…… Yeah one of my housemates is MUSCULAR O.O ) were also scattered on the dining table, attracting some ants…. One last thing is the shoe rack, full of shoes, many are placed on the floor too. Actually the shoe rack is quite big and should be enough for 8 residents, but now although there are only 5-6 of us, it is already “overflowed”. Because of this, I had to keep my shoes in my own room (Thank God I brought my shoe boxes!!).
Overall, I am really satisfied with my new home, albeit the few minor shortcomings. This is for sure a good start, and I hope it gets better in the future!

*Note: This post is written on 5.1.2013, but because I do not know how to use the provided modem yet, so I’ll have to post it today! 

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