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The Beginning
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 @ 1/08/2013 05:39:00 PM

The beginning of a new life.
A rejuvenation of life. Life starts all over again at this whole new place, whole new society, whole new school, whole new circle of friends, whole new environment. I was like being reborn, nobody knew me here, and I knew nobody. I have had new friends, some from high school but had never talked then, some from competitions I've participated during the past years, some from other countries... Despite this, at times I still feel a little lonely. Now, for example, sitting at Starbucks alone using its free Wi-Fi (I hope they won't chase me out as I hadn't purchased any coffee!), looking at the beautiful view from on top the bridge (yes, this Starbucks is on a bridge connecting Monash U with the Residence), a sense of void and darkness fell on me. Sigh, what to do? This, for sure is a training for me to stay strong and independent, to learn to live and take good care of my own, and I definitely accept this challenge.

The beginning of a stressful life.
Although orientation had just started, I've already felt the immense pressure mounting up on me. Below are some of the few reasons I guess I felt as such:

  1. The high standards of other MUFY-ans. Some of them looked really intelligent, and I forsee a tough competition here. Therefore, I've decided to be consistent in my revision,and that means controlling my online time. I had my placement test with them yesterday, Maths was fine, but English was insecure. I suffered producing my essay, which I think was not up to standard at all. I did not even know what was I writing about. Watching my fellow competitors writing non-stop next to me made me more nervous. All I can hope for is to be placed in a suitable class, that's all.
  2. The course itself. After some briefings, I get to know more about my course,about all the assignments, exams, tests and so on. Never did I thought that throughout the year there would be lots of assignments, of which would affect my overall results, as all assignments stand 50% of the final results. Therefore I should take all assignments as seriously as possible, to secure my marks. 
  3. Requirements for university. As I will be taking  MBBS, the requirements by Monash University are high. It demands a minimum of 355 upon 400, but it doesn't even secure a place for you, so that means I'll have to do my best to get the best results I can because the more excellent you are, the better chance you stand to enter the university. Plus, scholarships for MBBS are so rare, limited, thus inadequate, and I am really worried abut the financial burden which my dear parents were about to face. There is always a price to pay for quality education, I guess. 
The beginning of the pursuit of a dream. 
Now I have taken the first step towards fulfilling my dream. Step by step I'd be walking towards it. I'll be paving my way towards it little by little. I know that this path will be full of obstacles, not to say the problems that will be faced. I pray that God will make this path as smooth as possible for me, lest I stumble along the way. It would for sure not be an easy path,and I'm extremely nervous and excited about it (nervousness more than excitement, obviously...). 

I shall take on this path with full confidence. Here I come, my dream and my future. 

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