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Thaipusam Blog Post
Thursday, January 24, 2013 @ 1/24/2013 12:06:00 PM

Having holidays today, no lessons!! Decided to dedicate some of my time to update my blog :) *since I have not written anything for so long.

Well today's post is definitely NOT about Thaipusam... It's just going to be blogged on Thaipusam. Haha!

I just learnt that time could pass by extremely fast in college! I still remember the times in high school, where lessons are only 40 minutes per period, but it felt like hours, dreading and wishing for time to go by faster. Whereas here in college, 4-5 lessons per day (an hour and 15 mins each lesson), time seems to fly so rapidly. Just after what felt to be a few minutes, a lesson finished, and another lesson starts. Then without realizing school ended -- 4pm! Half of my day passed, and I never knew that.

I was wondering why time flies here. Maybe its because of the compact course outline here, we would have targets to finished teaching specific topics every week. Maybe it would be the subject which I am interested in, not like in high school, where we need to study all those "unnecessary" subjects like Moral, Civics and History.Okay I admit, History might be important but the syllabus is just boring! Or maybe I am more concentrated in college than in high school... O.o

Believe me, suddenly time will be so precious when we come to college, and we might feel like studying every time. :) Again, it comes back to the mounting pressure here....

Cheers, college life is just so different. O.O

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