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First Class
Friday, January 11, 2013 @ 1/11/2013 11:41:00 AM

Lesson starts today in college! (It should be obvious from the title, unless if you thought that the "First Class" meant "First Class" as in air ticket or cinema seat.... This is so random, I can't believe it.) *faceplam*

Just had 2 classes, having a short break now, so I decided to use the IT Lab PC to update a super short post. The classes were Math and Chem, both made me feel that there will be A LOT of things to cover this semester! We would be having tonnes of assesments which carries tonnes of marks, and tests, projects etc. I'll be taking 5 subjects, so everything will be like times 5, assesments will be carried out once a month, so I'll be having 5 a month, each lying on the same week (if i'm lucky they'll be distributed between 2 weeks.) And all those syllabus we're going to cover, they seems a lot, and flipping through the notes made me realize how stupid I am. How I hope that I've at least done some preparation before this!

Nevertheless, the lecturers were EXTREMELY friendly, thank God for that. Fingers crossed that my college life will be smooth sailing! Another class coming up, bye!

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