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Brendan Marrocco - An Inspiring Fighter
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 1/30/2013 05:43:00 PM

Mr. Brendan Marrocco - the first US soldier to survive losing four limbs in Iraq, the seventh patient recieving a double-arm transplant in the US.

Yes, with his existing prosthetic legs, he had recieved two new upper limbs and a bone marrow from a donor, and he was "humbled by their gift". A gift, so precious indeed, and how blessed would one be to lose his arms and be able to gain them back again. However, the fact that Mr. Marrocco had to wait for a year to know how could he use the arms is depressing enough. The maximum speed for a nerve regeneneration, on the other hand, killed me. An inch a month, according to Dr. W P Andrew Lee of John Hopkin's Hospital in Baltimore.

Thank goodness Mr. Marrocco is not as I am. He has plans, goals, visions, hope. He is a true optimist, and aims to return to swimming and driving after the transplant. Imaging the agony of losing a single finger. Now imagine losing the whole of your arm, together with your legs.

"You talk with your hands. You do everything with your hands, basically, and when you don't have that, you're kind of lost for a while," he said. "Lost for a while", as he puts it. The amazing courage and strength he possesses, the willpower to accpet his fate, and look forward to a better tomorrow, could never be more admirable. I believe, both of his newly-obtained arms are truly the gift of God.

"Naked I come from my mother's womb, and naked shall I depart." A statement portraying the immense faith of Job towards God. How easy for us to say, but how hard it is to hold on to it being in his situation. Indeed, Mr. Marrocco embraced the meaning of the verse and completely manifested the faith and optimism. With all my heart, I congratulate him upon recieving his arms, he could never be more perfect.

Best wishes to Mr. Brendan Marrocco from here in Malaysia. Happy living your life, as Dr. Jaimie Shores said - "The sky is the limit."

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