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So Far Yet So Near
Saturday, December 29, 2012 @ 12/29/2012 12:38:00 PM

Just came back from camp, also known as Theolo. Our final and graduation year, mixed feelings emotions arouse on the very last day. To me, church camp had always been different from all other life camps. Since Form 1 I've been joining church camps, enabling me to establish a strong bond with my brothers and sisters in Christ. We gather from all parts of Malaysia, to spend our time together, studying and enriching ourselves with the teachings of the Bible.

So holy, right?

Despite not being able to use our phones for 3 weeks, no newspapers, no contact to the outer world, we were able to find pure joy because we were not distracted by other stuff. We do everything together, which makes us truly united. For the whole year, we could feel at peace for 3 weeks. At first it was admitted that we were reluctant to surrender our belongings but when we got used to it, we started to let go our worries and just enjoy the time spent together with all our hearts. We do not have to worry about anything at all, we have food, clothes, beds, all essential daily appliances were prepared for us.

As it is our last Theolo this year, the beautiful memories will always be fragmented in our minds. Every year, we long for the 3 weeks. From next year onward, we would not be able to look forward to the yearly routine, but instead, we can still attend Theolo by helping out as counselors. However the feeling would be different, REALLY different. Well, in my opinion, it does not matter what role are we playing in Theolo, be it  as a student or counselor, it would be sufficient as long as we are able to get together.

We've obtained friends from all around Malaysia. Albeit being separated miles apart, but we know that in our hearts we would for sure be as one. Today, we have Facebook, Skype, Twitter and whatever social media which would help us stay in contact. Therefore there would be no need for us to worry how each of us are doing. However, I feel the best way to remain united is through our prayers. The power of intercession would be the most efficient.

Theolo ends. Life starts. May all of us do well. Till we meet again.

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