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New Year's Eve
Monday, December 31, 2012 @ 12/31/2012 11:59:00 PM
Another year swiftly passed.

2012, a year full of hope, fear, happiness, regrets. A bountiful year for me, unforgettable. A year with abundant blessings, learning, experiences and life lessons. A year so meaningful, filled with the least expected memories and happenings. A year which slips by like a thief, robbing my precious youth, sipping away my ever energetic spirit, replacing it with a speck of maturity.

SPM year it is. I could still remember the feeling, shunned by the thought of this scary examination. I had choked myself with books, self torturing, I would say. It was amazing looking back how I've prepared of it. Could not help but to feel a sense of pride in me, being able to withstand this dreadful year, haunted by wishful hopes from my parents, teachers and myself. Undoubtedly I've grown much stronger in handling pressure, and also have learnt to strive for what I hope for.

A year full of joy. Being able to participate in the ISYF had truly opened my eyes and gained insight on what to study in the future, of course enabling me to decide with more certainty the path which I'll be walking on. With my best effort I tried to make my final year in secondary school a memorable one. In fact, it was memorable. I would never forget the place where I have enriched myself with qualities needed in life and outside of school. Graduation from Theological Course equipped me with Words of God, I am now ready to face the true challenges in life. Also in this wonderful year, I made important decisions of my future, I found my passion, I finally found what I was searching for -- a dream.

A year accompanied by friends. I've found true friends, which I know will be together with me in every circumstance regardless where will we be. I will definitely keep you guys in my heart. I know that behind my back there will be your support and motivation. Also, I've gained friends from Theolo, some of which I really treasure as a brother. I pray of the wellbeing of all of you, and for our friendship so that we will always stay together in our hearts, that we'll never forget each other easily and that the strong bond between us will never be broken.

I thank God for all these. Can't write now or it will be next year already!

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