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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 @ 10/24/2012 04:19:00 PM

With 11 days to go, I just can't relate to the word "relax". Who do I feel that there is still much time left? Something must be wrong with my brain. I officially lost my sense of time and urgency.

Analysed the SPM timetable today. Sejarah is freaking early. But that's good, the earlier the better. Being early is one thing, the problem is I'm not prepared for it yet., although I'm already started with it for a few days. I don't seem to be able to fully remember all those facts that I crammed into my tiny brain.

The good thing is, I'll be having 4 days without school back-to-back. This means I can fully concentrate on my revision already! Let's just hope that I don't slack off at home, because I usually do that.

For all who will be taking SPM. Good luck, we're so running out of time already!

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