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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 @ 10/24/2012 08:46:00 PM

N-A-P-S. Love them. Just woke up from one. So I'm kinda steamy right now, corrected a lot of typing mistakes for this sentence, but I'm happy. I feel so SATISFIED.

There's always something so magical about naps. The ability to make somebody feel so awesome, charged-up with lifted spirits, but also kind of guilty at the same time. Naps for me are not very frequent nor seldom, I just have naps whenever I feel like having one. Sometimes I fight against it, because I know for sure that I would eventually turn the irritating alarm off and continue with my sleep. I HATE that. Imagine, you've been planning your schedule for the whole day (including the nap), but you ruined everything just because you overslept. You want to kill yourself so bad, but on the inside you feel damn good about what you just did. This is what I call IRONY.

Despite loving them so dearly, I'm always trying to avoid naps. Don't you feel that sometimes naps can be such a waste of time? One naps can easily take up hours of one's time, which can be used to do so many beneficial things, be it study, exercise, read, in which time would be put to use to the maximum. Naps do bring benefits, boosting ones psyche being the ultimate, but all these benefits come with a huge price -- time -- which is precious and irreplaceable once lost.

Naps, love and hate them. Take another good look at the picture, its EXACTLY how I felt.

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