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Luck Is On My Side
Friday, October 12, 2012 @ 10/12/2012 11:31:00 PM

Unpredictable. Unbelievable. Undescribable.

I am extremely lucky to have been offered RM 15000 by Taylors College Subang Jaya. Never did I expect that I am able to do it. I was insecure of my performance in the interview, but thank God, all went well.

Having secured a scholarship in my hands, it is still unknown whether should I accept it or not. Reasons:

1. My parents might not have enough money. (People often say that my family is rich, but please, this is so not true...) I still have siblings, ya know?

2. My parents would like me to take JPA scholarships as first priority (given if one get 9A+s in SPM).

3. I have National Service (which does not really apply to be a reason because I can simply write in to Taylors to explain the situation).

4. I would prefer full scholarships (who wouldn't?). That way my parents would not need to pay a single cent.

Despite having a lot to consider, I am overwhelmed by the joy that I've succeeded in nailing my first scholarship at the first attempt. However, I will NOT be contented. My final goal would still be the dreaded SPM.

I come, I study, I conquer, I succeed, I win. 

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