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Friday, October 19, 2012 @ 10/19/2012 02:31:00 PM

Proudly present my 100th post - dedicated to my Graduation Day.

A day with most feelings, most memories and most overwhelming. It was just a blink of an eye when I first stepped into Chung Ling, it was such an awesome feeling getting to enter the high school which I've longed for.

5 years of high school was not long nor short, making it seem so quick although we've been in there for half a decade. These years, I felt that I've grown and matured, because I was provided with such complete facilities and such a conducive learning environment. To me, Chung Ling is no doubt one of the best schools in Malaysia. It is my second home, where I turned from a boy to a man, getting to experience the best of the best along the way. Chung Ling has, by far the most sophisticated teaching materials in town, together with a variety of co-curricular activities to choose from, and of course, experienced and friendly teachers and staff, making itself a haven for secondary students.

Learning in Chung Ling is challenging and competitive. With the brightest students as your peers, the atmosphere is so intense, the competition is so close, the pressure enough to kill a weak person. I'm glad that Chung Ling had provided us with situations so similar with the outside world. With all the preparations at hand, I am sure that everyone of us would have a foresight of what is yet to come. It is completely true that people say that Chung Ling students have a bright future, because with all the exposure why would we not be?

I thank Chung Ling for the wonderful and memorable experience. I will never forget the moments despite them being so brief. Laughter and joy, sadness and grief, I've been through all of them in Chung Ling, my home.

I am and will definitely be proud to call myself a Chung Ling Kia.

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