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Graduation Magazine Lunch
Sunday, October 14, 2012 @ 10/14/2012 06:55:00 PM

Date: 13 Oct 2012
Time: 1200-1500
Venue: Eastin Hotel, Penang

A celebration for successfully producing our Graduation Magazine, although it is still in the process of printing. An early celebration, I guess.

Being one of the Graduation Magazine Committee is a blessing. I have learnt so much in terms of leadership, respect, tolerance and of course unity. We were made up of different characters, and so there were many ideas and different suggestions along the way, but we managed to compromise in the end. It was touching to see that all went well, despite some arguments, but all were being forgotten at the end of the day. I say, this is what we call a real FAMILY.

Contribution had been one of the many issues that we argued on. Who contibuted more, vice versa. However, as what we all agreed on, this is OUR magazine, and we as the committee have been trusted by our peers to produce a magazine belonging to US, not YOU nor ME. We function as a whole body. Our works are complementary, not one can or should be put aside. I guess respect is the biggest lesson we've learnt so far.

Special thanks to the head of the house (a mother) Mdm. Hong Wai Leng, for her support throughout the year. This is what's special about Chung Ling teachers -- they really get along with us students. She by far one of the most committed educators I've ever seen. Ever since being appointed as the in-charge of the Graduation Committee Magazine 7 years ago, she managed to gain lots of insights and experience despite not having other teachers to help her. There was only her and her students. That is why I think every year, she is closest to the Form 5s, because they've been working together all the while.

Time flies. Kudos to each and every limb of the body, thank you for your contribution. I believe that we've done an awesome job, and our magazine will for sure trigger back beautiful memories in the years to come.

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