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Disney - Childhood
Thursday, October 18, 2012 @ 10/18/2012 11:47:00 PM

Currently listening to Disney soundtracks. Wonderful! Recently, Disney has been a topic for me and my friends in school, and we were talking about all those movies and their songs. So, this is basically how I am inspired to post this. :) 

I've watched Disney for my entire childhood. Among all the movies, I particularly love Tarzan. I dont know why, but I was touched by the whole story. Nature, love, humour.... they're all in the movie. And for his song - You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins, pure AWESOME!! Wonderful lyrics, amazing tune, skillful singer, everything makes it so nice! 

I will never forget Tarzan, a simple man who grew and lived in the jungle, who met his love by destiny. The moment he introduced himself to Jane, the moment their hands touched, the moment he raised Jane's yellow dress to take a peek inside, they're still so fresh in my head. The story made me understand what love is -- unconditional, just like what I said in my previous post. 

I believe Waltz Disney has been a part of many childhoods, and I believe everyone will have their own fairy tale. Tomorrow will be my graduation day, a moment to behold, the time I leave high school education and further pursue my dreams. 

May all my wishes come true! 

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