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Class Farewell 2012
Sunday, October 14, 2012 @ 10/14/2012 07:57:00 PM

Date: 14 Oct 2012
Time: 1200-1700
Venue: Traders Hotel and 1st Avenue mall, Penang

2nd buffet lunch. For me, the food was better than Eastin, plus the price is cheaper too. Definitely a good place to consider for a party. Luckily we didn't go to Seoul Garden, where we initially wanted to go. Haha!

Well, this post is dedicated to some of the friends whom I cherish A LOT in the 5 years of high school according to chronology:

FORM 1 - 1T5

Khoo Kah Chung - One of my first friends when I just started school. He was and is still a cheeky person. Loved his jokes, they surely lit up the class. Frankly, part of the reasons why I loved school was his jokes. Still good with him now, heard that he will be going to King's College, self-payment, rich guy.

Melvin Beh - The person whom I used to know so well and knows me so well. We were in different classes since Form 2, so we kind of lost contact since then. Heard that he dreams to be a chef, lets hope he remember me when he is one!

FORM 2 - 2TA5

Ng Jack Min - One of my best friends. Famous for his extreme level of English. 6 sheets of paper were never enough (in From 2, by the way, and no spaces in between lines). I enjoyed reading his essay so much. Anyone would be absorbed into it by only reading the first paragraph. He promised to give me a copy of his own autographed novel in the future. I will have a famous author friend!! MUAHAHA

Chuah Min Yi - The deep sexy voice is his signature. A trusted friend of mine, we have been through ups and downs in Chung Ling together. Missed the times when we loiter around in Form 3 after PMR, like wandered spirits, but always avoiding discipline teachers. AWESOME! Thanks for introducing me to the art of ponteng.

Ho Rong Hui - Not from my class, but from next door. He would always run over to hang out. A crazy Hong Kong series fan and Bosco Wong's #1 fan! A strong admirer of k-pop girl groups too! We used to share problems, he really trusted me, and I trust him too. Best friend!

FORM 3 - 3TA2

Teh Yi Kai - NOISY, CLASS WRECKING HELL OF A BOY. Darn, I can't even get rid of him, for 3 years. Sigh, is this fate? Bright and talented but all the shine became dull because of pure laziness.

Joel Chan Ern Zher - First impression: Hey! He's the boy being booed at in 2TA2! However, after knowing him better, I came to realize that he is not a bad person at all. An active and gifted boy, with lots of talents at hand. He can do anything, you name it.

Lau Yian Khai - Got close to him, albeit being irritated at first. Much like Min Yi, 3 of us got along at the end. He can sometimes be annoying but is for sure a good friend. Only son, you know what that means -- manja.

FORM 4 - 4SA3

Tock Yee Shuen - aka TOCK TOCK. A primary school friend. Salute his ability to withstand harsh critics from classmates. A happy-go-lucky person, and loves his brother so dearly that he was willing to give him tuition for RM50 per session. Typical treasurer guy, hold 4 Treasurer posts in Form 5. Calculative and responsible. :)

Choon Zi Yang - Intelligent and adorable. Helpful and kind. A typical homework supplier with a 99.99% correct rate. Accuracy increases to 100% when it comes to Add Math and Maths. Apple in the eyes of teachers and friends.

Ooi Yong Song - A church friend with impressive and outstanding piano skills. Collaborated with him to produce a song for graduation. A gifted boy, it's in the genes, many of his relatives are music people. Very unique and simple boy.

FORM 5 - 5SA2

Seah Jay Shearn, Chan Tze Hsien, Leong Joon Yau, Lye Jin Hong, Soe Yi Le, Ooi Tait Kheng - The Harvard Group, wiith the ultimate goal of entering Harvard. Strongly believe that they will, because they are so high-spirited! They have also a remarkable performance when it comes to music. Will never forget the awesome band performance in class on Teachers Day!

Looi Shi Hao - A neighbour from the opposite street of my humble home. We had badminton sessions from time to time. Thanks for fetching me from one place to another!

Roy Lam Phoung - THE Lam Phoung. Well known for the similarity of his name with a Hong Kong international artist. A skillful badminton player and a bright student. Knows the violin and piano, a polite and soft guy.

That's all, friends like you guys are worth keeping. I love you guys, and I hope you love me too!

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