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Monday, September 24, 2012 @ 9/24/2012 04:40:00 PM

The very week after the end of examinations, I believe would be the most hated week of the year. Results are out, and I would always get a tight, hard slap (not A slap actually, SLAPS, in fact) on my handsome yet confident face, which brings me back to reality, and by this I mean that I should stop having the preconception that I will totally own the exam. 

Yea, results are out, and I am very very depressed, as always. Obviously, it turns out that my predictions are  wrong. I wonder why the opposite happens every time. Why is it that before the teachers return the paper I would have no feel of urgency, but after getting the results a sense of huge disappointment? Why is it that my friends can perform well, but I just cannot? Why do I feel confident each time right after completing the papers but when looking at all my mistakes, I feel that all of those are stupid, careless mistakes? Why is it so that after I know my mistakes, I realize how easy the paper was, but just could not score in the first place? Why do I feel frustrated as if I have not done anything wrong, but all of it are actually my own fault? 

Results did not turn out as well as I expected. What wrong with me? How I wish that teachers are more lazy and take their sweet time marking our papers, so that we can have more time to give ourselves a break. The end of examination was just last week, it is not even over for a complete week, not even half a week! Now we'll have to get sad and emotional after a short 2 days. 

Countdown to SPM: 42 freaking days. I wonder I should start intensive revision now, since my results have not reached my level of satisfaction. My conscience is telling me to start, because some of my classmates have started already. People around me are already stuffing themselves with model papers while I slack aside and read Reader's Digest in class. Sometimes I wonder whether am I doing the right thing. I guess I should start now. 

INTENSIVE REVISION. What a shame that the fun times were just beginning to start. Sigh, what to do? Sore of those hard, forceful slaps full of energy and without mercy just now..... 

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