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I am an Uncle
Sunday, September 30, 2012 @ 9/30/2012 07:37:00 PM
BIG NEWS: I am an uncle already! I know, it's common for people my age to be called uncles or aunts, but I am still thrilled and excited. Felt like I was 'upgraded' as an uncle, thanks to my first niece. Her name is Nuo En (王诺恩).

Such a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. It literally means the promised grace. Awww...... My cousin's family is not a Christian, so it's kinda weird why and how did they come across this beautiful name. But its really nice that they named the baby as such, I love the name, more than I love mine (although mine has an 'En' in it too). Muahaha, I believe she will shine in the future just like me, because those who have 'En' in their names should be different than others! Haha

As for my cousin, I don't know to be happy or sad for him actually. He was an energetic guy, but when I saw him lately he seems so lethargic and tired, especially those sleepy eyes, they scared my and made me think twice whether to have a baby in the future. Muahaha. However, I guess I should feel happy more than pity for him, because I was observing him throughout the dinner, and I can see him acting so matured nd like a dad! He was like a completely new guy, more serious and more responsible. He loved kids, because he was always laying around and joking with the kids every time I went back, and that moment when he carries his own daughter, his eyes, were so soft and loving, I can see he loves his daughter very much. Congratulations and all the best as a new dad!

As for me, my first time being an uncle, I don't think I can do much, because they're all the way down in KL and Perak, so I guess I'll just send them my warmest wishes and mental support whenever they need me! I wish time fast forwards, so that I can hear my new niece call me uncle! That is going to be so AWESOME! I hope they give uncle classes, gonna learn to be a good one.

This is a new role for me, and I will make sure that I will play it the best-est (better than best) I can.

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