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Awesomeness in plain text
Happy Birthday Old Friend
Saturday, September 8, 2012 @ 9/08/2012 12:54:00 AM

So magical and enchanted
always filled with mysteries of what lies
behind the colorful, eye-catching
wrappers of gifts and presents. 

When we were young
this is the day we look forward to
not missing a single year
months, week, days
hours, minutes, seconds
a countdown to the moment
which marks the day we were born. 

Never should we forget that
this day is also the day our mother suffered
after 10 months of labor
which felt like years, however 
in the cold delivery room
screaming, shouting, squeezing the hands
of the onlooking father
how much pain that she went through 
to bring us to the world
and give us this precious, fragile and delicate life
we have today. 

this is your day 
but its also the day
of they who brought you up
when you're about to make a wish
before the cake lighted with candles
give thanks to them
wish for them health, happiness and joy 
hug them, kiss them, show that you appreciate it 
that they have made you
what you are today. 


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And the green in the grass.
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