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Happy National Day
Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 8/31/2012 12:49:00 AM
When it comes to patriotism, I would say that I am in a lukewarm state, not hot nor cold. Every year's National Day would be the same to me, remembering the face that my beloved nation had been free from foreign rulers for many years. All this kinda reminds me of Sejarah....

I'm not a fan of Sejarah for sure, and I do admit that it was, is and will always be my weakest subject of all. I am the kind of person who let bygones be bygones (my friends should know that already), so studying History is like constantly reminding me of the past. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot about our country through this subject, because if it were not Sejarah, I would not by any means taken the initiative to read up the history of the country. So I guess I'll have to thank it after all! However the worst part, is to memorize it, the fact that everything and anything will possibly be out in the exam just ruined everything. I'm not a memo-person. Sigh.

Well, back to the main point, this is the first time I actually blog something about history, although I've started blogging 4 years earlier. Sad huh? I'm trying my best to love it now, don't wanna lose an A in SPM! Not to say that we're more than lucky to be born in this peaceful nation, without riots, natural disasters or any destructive issues. No matter where and when, I will be more than willing to lift up my head and say: I am proud to be a Malaysian.


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