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Friday, May 25, 2012 @ 5/25/2012 03:37:00 PM
"After examinations" seems to be my blogging season every time. Otherwise I would be so lazy (not to say busy!) to update. So, here I am now, posting something new in my not-updated-for ages blog. However, I am still wondering if are all these troubles squeezing my brain juice just for the sake of a post worth it because every single time I'm writing as if people are gonna read my blog...... Well, duhh? Never stop what you've first started, and I think I will finish this off.

Talking about brain juice, it makes me think of Biology - cerebrospinal fluid. Oh no, it's here again. This may sound random, but these days I tend to relate everything in my life to Biology, and I don't know why. For instance, when someone twists my finger, I would reply "Hey, my phalanges hurt, don't break it and I don't want a dislocation at my hinge joint. I still need to complete my exam." or "Stop hitting my head, the cell body of my neurones might die of the impact, and you know they're not going to regenerate, don't you?" Get it? I think this is what happens when you read too much, or if you're such a BioFreak like me. However, as an absolute Bio lover, my results does not show it. It was as if my passion is inversely proportional to my results. I feel so depressed now talking about results, but the fact that I've just finished my exam can't help but keep reminding me of how did I do.

This post is dedicated to all Science lovers, so lets talk about Science. If you were to ask me which branch of Science would I prefer, I'm afraid I have no clue. It has such a wide scope, and I am just so curious about everything! Therefore, it would definitely be a challenge for me to pick my future specialization for the years to come. What I can only say (and am sure about) is that I will be doing Sciences, no doubt. At this point of time, I am desperately needing some constructive ideas or recommendations to help me out in choosing the right path which I will never regret. I'm afraid of making decisions, especially important ones, just for your information, because if I were to choose one, there would be a possibility of me missing the goodness that the latter would bring!

So, I kind of regretted that I loved Science, because of its "general-ness". What I am trying to say that Science is too GENERAL. When you talk about it, you have to go deep into ONE PARTICULAR SCOPE, and this is what I resist. Too many "-logy"s to choose from. I'm frustrated. Why can't I be a Chinese lover? Then I would only immerse myself in....... pure Chinese. (There are not any other types of Chinese, are there?) But, what would I like if is not Science? I mean, look at my face, I'm a Science person! I should appreciate that I'm a Science guy, I guess.

And by the way, Science lovers are not geeks! This is a MISCONCEPTION! Cheers :)

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