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Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 1/08/2012 02:54:00 PM
The 2nd blog post in a day -- you can see how bored I am at home! I was surfing across some good blogs and saw some posts on the new year and their resolutions, which reminded me that I haven't even fulfilled mine last year! (Well, I think I might cancel some out, to make my life easier and to enlighten the pressure which I will be getting by the end of the year because of some "major exams")

It's the 8th day of the new year already, and I'm still here thinking about my resolutions for the year (might be a little late, eh?). However, resolutions are resolutions, they shall be made, no matter what time of the year is it, it is never too late!

Talking about resolutions, they are crucial for everybody. Resolutions are targets, goals, aims, purposes and promises in life towards us ourselves and others. Without any resolutions, one may live a meaningless life, like what the book of Ecclesiastes says: VANITY. Resolutions and be made anytime, not necessarily during the new year ONLY. Besides, it can also be made toward anybody, be it yourself, your parents, your friends, God..... you name it. However, this gentle reminder I give to you: Do not simply resolve towards God, as once you had done it, you have to fulfill it. It's a MUST, because we should not lie to God. Therefore, think twice before resolving (especially to Him): Am I able to fulfill it? Am I capable of doing it? Is this necessary? What if I fail to do it? What if it is not possible?

Back to the importance of resolutions. On one hand, it provides a purpose in life (as what I've just mentioned in the paragraph before), on the other hand, it trains us to be more disciplined in life. While pursuing our goals, qualities such as self discipline, persistence, determination, and self-control can be implemented. Of course, after making resolutions, we shall always put them in mind and in heart to remind ourselves of what we promised ourselves. If resolutions are made merely for the sake of making them, then never hope for the benefits, because they are just blank sayings, and are a waste of time, plus it magnifies one's childishness and immaturity.

So my 2012 resolutions are these:

1. To play my part well in life (as a student, child, friend etc.)
2. To continuously pray for the infilling of His Holy Spirit.
3. To think twice before making any decisions so that edification of all parties can be achieved.
4. To study hard and do the best I can in my studies and pass every test and examination with flying colors.

4 resolutions, not too many, not too little, and not too easy either! (especially 2 and 3.........and 4 of course, and..... ummm..... 1 also, actually. hahahh) Let's see how many can I achieve this year, yea? I'm starting to regret making these resolutions already..... Wait, why am I so pessimistic out of a sudden? This is so wrong. I shall believe in myself! I can WILL do it!

No resolutions, no life!

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