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ISYF Day 6 (Final Day)
Saturday, January 21, 2012 @ 1/21/2012 12:34:00 PM

Day 6 (19 Jan)
There were cultural presentations made by the Taipei First Girl’s High School, US Loudoun County Academy of Sciences, Second High School Attatched to Beijing University, and last but not least India Bishop Cotton Boys High School. Then we went for the Nobel Dialogue session. HuiTing, Edith, me and Qing Hao were in the same group. We were arranged to have a dialogue with eminent Scientist James Barber. This time, I finally got to ask my questions, LOTS of them. Besides, our table (me, Edith, HuiTing and Qing Hao) asked the most questions, the Scarcedale girls bombed the Professor with us too. It was so much fun asking questions and getting them answered! We realized that we were those kind of person who used to listen to the teacher quietly in a corner, but now we thought that we shouod ask more during lessons, not only mere listening. Just like what Prof. Aaron Ciechanover said in the previous Master Class, a good student cannot be shy nor quiet, but to be stubborn and constantly challenging the teacher and themselves. Personally, I preferred the Dialogue if compared to the Nobel Forum and the Panel Discussion, because the Dialogue opens a wider chance for us to direct our questions, and also more personal, and by that I mean while communicating with the scientist, you can actually have a one-to-one dialogue session, as he will pay more attention to you when answering your questions. After lunch, we headed back to the HCI Boarding School to prepare for our formal dinner. Formal Dinner was just awesome! Vaibhav was just completely in awe of the Chinese cuisine served, I think that he is starting to love Chinese things!! Woohoo!! He was just complimenting on every dish served, he absolutely loved them. Besides the formal dinner, the Closing Ceremony and Dinner and Dance were also held in the Conrad Hotel.

Feelings: Although this is officially the last day, I have a strong feeling that the bond formed in the ISYF will not be easily broken. Despite feeling sad and unwilling, there is still a part of me rejoicing that I have had a chance to be a part of all these. Special thanks to the organizers, sponsors and supporters, THANIK YOU for everything!


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