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ISYF Day 5
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @ 1/18/2012 09:56:00 PM

Day 5 (18 Jan)
So today after breakfast and briefing, was the Cultural Hour. Presenting their culture and schools are those from Brunei, Taiwan and Hong Kong. After that we went for some activities in the HCI Science Research Labs. We went to all three labs (Bio, Cham and Phy), and conducted some experiments there, it was cool because the labs were one of the most well-equipped research labs in Singapore. The experiments were interesting although it was a little hard following them as we did not learn anything they did in Malaysia yet, but it was really exciting conducting experiments with those of the same interests. It was lunch just right after that and we prepare for the Nobel Forum and Poster Exhibition. The Nobel Forum, as always was of much help and I again failed to ask my question. The fact is this: Just right after they were calling for questions, I got up right away, but because where I sat was far from the microphone, so the others got the microphone faster than me, so due to time constraint, they let only 3 students to ask their questions and asked the rest to keep theirs for tomorrow. There was one delegate from India, when he was asking his question, the Nobel Laureates actually invited him on stage to repeat the question so that they could hear in clearer. The guy’s name is Umang, I can’t forget that name, because he was the only guy who got the chance to sit with the Laureates and listen to them face-to-face, and to tell you the truth, I was JEALOUS. Why wasn’t I born in India anyway? Well after that was the Poster Exhibition by all schools. Throughout the exhibition, I was like talking non-stop, because after one guest then comes another, so I have to repeat the whole thing again and again. French Nobel Laureate Prof. Claud Cohen-Tannoudji visited our booth and gave us comments, how cool is that?! Well, I visited some other booths from those from other countries, some of them were amazing – Vaibhav (my US roommate) told me about his research, and he actually designed and did his project on his own, concerning the usage of a substance in snails to repair damaged of torn muscle tissues. I was completely blown away by his own research, he could win a Nobel Prize for that! So after all these was dinner and free time, when I wrote this. J

Feelings: Got to see the formal uniforms of many schools today, some of which were so stunning, although most from the West don’t have their formal attire as the don’t really wear uniform in their own schools. It was a shame that I do not get the chance to ask me question, but I think I’ll grab hold of any opportunity later. Learnt a lot in the poster exhibition session, I need to do more research! When Vaibhav carried out his research, he got help by contacting some professors outside, and they were willing to not only support him, and also lent out a helping hand. I find it amazing, because if I were him, I might not know that we can actually contact professors personally. Tomorrow will officially be the last day, looking forward to the Formal Dinner at Conrad Hotel, but don’t want to return home. DILEMMA!! 

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