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Saturday, January 14, 2012 @ 1/14/2012 10:31:00 PM

We departed Penang on SilkAir to Singapore at 1030, and reached Changi Airport at approximately 1125. We were welcomed by facilitators Ryann and Kenneth, who brought us to Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School (HCI) for check-in by mini-bus. Unlike Penang, the mini-bus (or van) is spacious and well taken care of, the condition of the road is even and also extremely clean. As an overall, the journey was smooth and enjoyable. Without realizing, we reached HCI, checked in and took our lunch. Seeing that we still had time until 1800, our teacher Mdm. Hong brought us out for a half day trip. We took the bus and MRT to Kent Ridge, where Mdm. Hong contacted a Chung Ling ex-student, who then brought us around the National University of Singapore. He is currently completing his 2nd semester of his last year majoring Physics. He took us on a ride, showing us around the campus: faculties, canteen, dormitories, lounge etc. We hanged out with some ex-Chung Ling students on campus and went back at about 1745. We got off the MRT at Botanical Garden, and took a brief walk there. Full of greenery and breath-taking landscapes, the Botanical Garden is the perfect spot for daily exercises, family picnics, and even for photography. Being in the Botanical Garden, even though for a short time, gives a soothing feeling as there were no pollutions at all, no litters, just pure calmness and tranquility. From the Botanical Gardens, we took an approximately 1.9 km walk back to HCI Boarding School for dinner. After dining we get to gather in groups which were earlier arranged (I’m in group Zania, JianZi in Lyra, names of constellations of stars are used as group names) and had a short ice-breaking session before we proceed for our free time.

Feelings: Impressed by the efficiency and warmth of the facilitators’ service, and their well-organized programme. I got to know more about the NUS, which actually helped me in planning my further studies, liked the fast and convenient public transport, and satisfied with the standards of the dorms (better than my room in some aspects).

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