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Friday, December 23, 2011 @ 12/23/2011 05:02:00 PM
Had a couple of kids staying overnight in my house recently (actually, 3 of them in fact... plus my sister = 4), that's why I had the urge to write this post. Just for your information, they are my cousins -- Gerald, Samuel and Britney from Singapore. They were actually here in Malaysia for our cousin's wedding, but since they arrived early, they decided to stay in my house and then follow us back to Perak (by the way, Perak is my father's hometown...).

So, they had been here for only 3 days but I was extremely exhausted running around with them, running around by means of following them from place to place, not literally..... I'm sorry to say this kids,but honestly, sometimes I don't even want to play with you all outside, because if I do, I wouldn't have time to do my own stuff! However, I still did what you guys wanted, especially YOU, Britney, you made me go to the park with you, play carrom with you, play PS2 with you, watch TV with you..... It's very annoying seriously! Although all this seems tiring and obviously taking up all my time, but seeing you kids enjoying yourselves made me feel happy also, you know? Maybe, when you're in Singapore you don't get to do these stuff, even though the "stuffs" you do here is somewhat "normal" such as playing badminton and playing the computer..... 

Are your lives in Singapore always hectic and dull? I have always wanted to ask you this, especially Gerald and Samuel -- the brightest kids I've ever seen. Gerald is the top student in his school, intelligent, smart, and cheeky. As an Olympiad Mathematics pro, he could definitely beat me in Maths. I don't know why, but somehow I felt very stupid unable to answer your Maths question, you're only in Primary 5, can't you give me a break? Also, please remember to speak as SLOWLY as possible okay? At times I find it extremely challenging to get what you're talking about, because all your words are jumbled up already! Samuel, learn to sleep without adults accompanying! You're a big boy now, so it's definitely time to get independent! Your parents might be quite strict towards both of you, I guess, as you two just can't get your little hands off electronic devices, can you? When you're at home, if it's not the computer, you guys will be at the PS2, when you're outside, you will grab my phone and play games already. Kids, don't play games to much, don't get obsessed! 

Tomorrow will be our last day together, I wish you guys all the best in Singapore! I am indeed blessed to have such cute cousins, and no one could replace all of you in my heart. By the way this post is dedicated to all of you, you know? Haha, as if you guys are going to read this post, I'm thinking way too much!

*P/S: I might sound a little sentimental here, although I will be seeing you guys every year, but I think staying in my house is only once in a lifetime, so... this is what I feel..... Hahahh*

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