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Wednesday, November 9, 2011 @ 11/09/2011 07:08:00 PM
I decided to write a quick-fire post today! Quick-fire = within 30 minutes, for your information, because I don't have time, as I am going out later.

Speaking of quick-fire, it makes me think of one of my favorite shows -- TOP CHEF. Yup, although I am not a fan of cooking, I still loved to watch this show, because the food always looked tasty! There is something called the quick-fire challenge in the show, where the participants have to prepare a dish in like 10-15 minutes, but to my surprise, all the food prepared every time is of HIGH standards, elegant, tasty-looking and classy! Those judges don't seem to like some of them though, but I thought that every single one of them is PERFECT. So, from here we can see that the judges seriously don't know how to appreciate food, they even called some "mess", "crap", "bland"... If I were the judge, I would definitely be like 'no comments!' or 'nice, give me MORE!', but I think I would be fired after a couple of shows, because I am so unprofessional. However, I love the time in the judges' room, where they criticize the cook, very exciting, I can learn some things too.

As for why I am so not into cooking, I am afraid, afraid of dealing with the kitchen utensils (especially those sharp ones) which may probably hurt me. I am constantly concerned for the cooks too, who are always running around the kitchen with knives, pots, pans, like crazy people, not to say that sometimes the floor has puddles of oil! Can't imagine the situation when an accident happens, touch wood. I am always worried for other people, you see.

Top Chef is a good show for sure, watch it if you want, it's on channel 702 in Astro -- DIVA UNIVERSAL. Unleash the diva in you! Times up, utensils down! (That's what Padma says after each quick-fire challenge. FYI, Padma's the host.Very hot, by means of body, not taste. I know it's not funny...) Bye for now. Cheers.

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