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Monday, November 7, 2011 @ 11/07/2011 04:05:00 PM
Debate, I wonder how I got tied to this thing. I like debate, but to me, it's just for fun, I guess that's what really matters. The most important ingredient to make an edifying debate is interest and enjoyment. Every time involving in a debate activity or competition, or even merely a discussion or meeting, happiness is the most important thing for me, be it winning or losing a match, I would still feel satisfied, although winning can be the icing on the cake.

Chinese Debate Society, I never thought that this kind of club would be available in Chung Ling. However when they first came for auditioning (yes, we need to go through auditions to get in), I felt a gush of power entering me, and a voice was like saying, "Yes, that's what you want, GO for it!" I told myself I am doing it, I did not have a second thought, I just signed up. That was the moment when I think I started doing what I really like. Sadly, the club was half established when I joined, the committee were fighting for the liberation of the club. I really admire my seniors, although they were in Fifth Form and dealing with the SPM soon, they still continued to thrive in large steps, putting aside all those demoralizing comments and  discouragement from some teachers (only a couple). They succeeded at the end, they got a promising conformation on establishing the club from the Headmaster, with the club not fully open for registration yet.

After their graduation, which brings to the beginning of the year 2011, the Headmaster, all out of a sudden, declared the Chinese Debate Society closed due to the lacking of teacher advisors. I was devastated, but not torn in spirit, I wanted to revive the club (yes, did I mention that I was the President? Let me tell you all about this later.), but I did not know how or where to start. The Headmaster is extremely busy at the beginning of the year, I had no one to talk to, the committee was deteriorating because of the announcement, school debate team needed to prepare for competitions.... I talked to the teacher, and she tried to talk to the Headmaster, but she said that we needed some 'support' for us to demand the re-establishment of the club. We have to wait until the end of the competition, and see the results, I thought. Luckily, the results were good enough, to the extent that the Headmaster declared the club open himself (this time it is for real, and I guessed that the "We love Chung Ling Debate Club" shout during the prize giving ceremony worked. haha) I thank the school team who worked their butts off for the competition, and also the seniors who came back to help, teachers who were truly responsible, supportive and dedicated.

As for me as the President (for two years consecutively, in fact), again, I never thought of that either. Frankly speaking, I know of my abilities, and of course I knew that there were many candidates that were more qualified and suitable, I mean who does not know that my Chinese standard stinks in comparison to other team members of my age? But I am still the one chosen, I am blessed. I received some insincere "congratulations", I know it although they sounded sincere, VERY sincere indeed, and tonnes of pressure from the committee, sometimes accompanied by insults and irritating attitudes. Guys, if you are reading this, I hate it, please stop, but it's okay if you want to continue because I am used to getting sick of it already. I am sorry if this makes you unhappy, or feel some kind of injustice, or even hatred, maybe you should come upfront and lets talk about this one-to-one, and we can get over this somehow, I am willing to resign if you are willing to stop, I have my dignity, you know.

I see all this as a challenge, and I am certain that whatever I do in the future have nothing to do with debating, but debate will always stay in me, as an interest. It's our last year next year, lets make debate a beautiful memory, please? That is all I wanted, nothing more.

I love debate, no doubt. :)

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