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Confessions of a 16-year-old
Saturday, November 5, 2011 @ 11/05/2011 12:42:00 PM
16 is sweet! However, I dare not say that I have had many experiences in life, but seriously, I have so much to say about my life. :)

Firstly, I thank God for protecting me in my smooth-sailing16 years of life. I had lots of encounters where some are simply unexpected, sudden and totally interesting! Life is like a roller coaster, it's completely true for me, at least MY life is like one. Lots of up and downs, some left-and-right swaying, some 360 degree rotations, slowing down, gaining pace, sudden stop, sudden boost...... There are more downs that ups in my life, I would say, but every fall of a roller coaster would eventually go up again, back to its initial position, that's like when I fall, into a deep and dark hole, God's mighty hand for sure will hold me and return me to the light. So, I am not going to blame anybody for the falls in my life, but to give thanks, because if it had not been these falls, trips and tumbles, I would never experience the wondrous grace of God.

16 is a great age, not too young, and not too old either. Adolescence, (deep breath), is truly exhilarating! With a huge gap between youth and childhood, the widest gap in life, in fact, people often find it hard to get to the other side, although there is a narrow bridge connecting both of the stages, called puberty. To me, puberty is like a catalyst, speeding and enabling the change between the two stages in life. This catalyst, is like a enzyme, highly specific because in only reacts in a couple of processes. I know this sounds a little crazy, but it is crucial to handle puberty carefully in a correct manner, so that it can perform its optimal function. People experiencing puberty undergo changes in various aspects, especially physically and mentally. However, it is a thin thread between dealing with it in a correct and wrong way, for this is where the graph of life starts to shape, I mean, to plot its points. Good and wise control of puberty leads to maturity, while foolish and shallow control leads rebellion and destruction.

Enough of all the puberty, now lets talk about my childhood. I was born together with a twin, a fraternal twin. I somehow find it weird to call him my twin, as we are more like friends, but after 16 years of calling him my twin, I guess I should get used to it. When people ask about me and my twin, I would always describe him as a friend, whom is staying with me since he was born. We never liked the same thing, but even if we do, we would never choose the same color. Good for my parents, they could always differentiate between us, not to say that they could easily tell which is which because we do not look the same. It gross us out when we see identical twins wear the same clothes, same character......etc, to the extent where we could not tell the difference. Its funny, as a twin, to see another pair of twins which is so similar, it is so disgusting. Okay, maybe 'disgusting' is a little harsh (it may hurt other twins), it's........... yucky??

My childhood times revolves like a cycle -- arguing, quarreling, fighting, losing (yeah, I lose all the time, I am of bigger size, but who cares? I am soft and more tender! Hahh... ), crying, jealousy, hatred, forgetting about it, returning to initial position, play, make fun, and then argue again. Then IT came, I mean maturity (or puberty), and we stopped fighting, completely, arguing, not completely, but the frequency came down. So, gradually the sparks between us begin to fade, until our relationship evolves into a pool of still water, calm but flowing, linked, not disconnected. I'm cool with this, I guess he is, too.

I love my life, I treasure my life, I value my life, I adore my life, I cherish my life. Cheers. :)

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