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Thursday, November 24, 2011 @ 11/24/2011 01:07:00 PM
Time washes everything away, that's what I believe in. No matter how you feel, what you want, they will definitely fade away. Time is precious, and fast. Often said to be of higher value than money, time that is lost cannot be replaced. There's where memories stay, way back in time.

Consider a Christian, with strong and unbreakable faith when he first started his belief in Christ, where he was so pure, so clean and shining with righteousness sinning against God. It is not impossible for that to happen, it just needed time. People may feel very blessed and truly holy or religious when they start their journey of faith. Never did they know that time is one of Satan's most brutal weapon. Inversely proportional with time, is lust. The tiny amount of lust present in our heart, grows and expands rapidly, to the extent where it takes complete control of our conscience, then we start to let it take over, thus leading us to the dark path of sin. Immediately after sinning for the first time, we get an overpowering sense of regret, then making our resolution to repent and change. Sad to say, these so-called "repentance" are actually excuses for people to sin more. If people can actually repent completely after sinning, why then can't they repent after sinning after sinning twice or thrice? People usually say "This is the last time I'm doing this....." after sinning, but every time seems to be the last time, the cycle just wouldn't stop. In fact, the only antidote for complete repentance is constant prayer and spiritual nurture. Wash and cleanse yourself with the Words of God, and put on the armor of righteousness. It might be easy to say, but certainly hard to fulfill.

However, it is totally unfair to say that time ONLY washes away things, time can also build up things. Imagine someone constantly reading the Bible, praying, singing hymns, serving the Lord, his faith would be brought up to another level. Therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ, pray to God always, not just in words, but in action. Make it a daily routine, start it with me, and let's maintain this together! Remember, start it now, because it's now or never!

The end is near, isn't it?

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