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Wednesday, June 1, 2011 @ 6/01/2011 03:10:00 PM
I think every single parent knows what is good for their own children, but most of the time a parent's point of view will be slightly different from i child's. Therefore I think only a portion of them can make children understand and accept their parents' choices for them. We must know that children, especially teenagers, are also human. They have their own perspectives, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Therefore I think that it is necessary for parents to listen and consider every choice and decision on behalf of their children. To respect and to accept are essential values that a family should have. In fact, these are the most BASIC attitudes that family members should possess.

From one of John Gray's best-selling books, "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars", it says that every male has a strong sense of dignity. That's true. Males are supposed to be the head of the family and therefore their voices should be heard. Most men tend to be independent, thus refusing to get help from others, unlike women who are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, whenever and wherever. This is he same for teenage boys, when they are experiencing growth from a child to an adult, they wanted their voices to be heard also. They are trying to be independent, learning to make their own decisions and to be the ruler over himself. However, if a parent is over-protective towards his son, then he would not be able to grow mature mentally. Worse still, the son may rebel against his parents, ending up with a huge gap between them. That is exactly why spouses prefer to have girls more than boys. But girls have dignity also, so actually it's quite similar.

Parents might not know, that their children are comparing the parents of others with their's, based on the so-called 'services' or 'treatments' they received. Maybe some parents knew about this, but do they even care? Parents usually do not ask about their children's opinions about their method of parenting - how the child feel, how can they do better, are they considered as satisfying parents etc. Again, people have different definitions for a 'good' parent. Are parents 'good' if they always give in o their children? Are they 'bad' if they had complete control towards their children? It's unnecessary, I guess. To ensure an appropriate parenting method, to me, a parent should always ask about their children's feeling whatsoever, then could they change and improve in the current way of parenting, then a harmonious family could easily be achieved. How easy is that? By listening, everything would turn out well.

As for my parents, they are just PERFECT! 

Listening brings respect, respect brings understanding, understanding brings love, and love brings peace. I wish all the families in the world happiness and joy!!

F - Father
A - And
M - Mother
I - I
L - Love
Y - You

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