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Sunday, November 28, 2010 @ 11/28/2010 05:27:00 PM

Date: 28-11-2010 (Sunday)
Time: 8.30am-1.30pm
Venue: Bayswater Condominium


Word Equations.......
Challenge = tennis and basketball matches involving Junior Youths and SUPER Junior Youths
Junior youths = kids like me
Super Junior Youths = quite young people who are quite aged

We reached Bayswater Condominium (Bro. Gary's home) at 8.30am.

Setting: Outside the lift in Bayswater Condo
We were waiting for the lift to come down and had a chat.
My mum (SGW): Gary, the time you brought this house, it's 300++ is it??
Gary: Yes. SGW:Wahh, then you untung lo, now if sell it costs about 700++??
Gary: No lahh, now only 500-600++ only.
SGW: Nahh... my friend bought it 2 years before and it costs 500++ already...
Daniel Guan (DG): Gary koko, you buy this house yourself ahh??
Gary: Yeah, why??
DG: You finished paying the loan??
Gary: Ehh, why should I tell you??
DG: Aiyah... of course finished paying la.... Hey you so geng lahh, all pay by yourself...
SGW: Now only you know he geng arr?? Apala you.....
(and the conversation goes on and on and on until the lift reached.)

So, from here we can see that only the RICH AND MIGHTY can buy the Bayswater Condo, the weak and poor, sadly, will be DISQUALIFIED. *Haha, so random moral value.....
Okay, we reached the top of the building (that's where the tennis and basketball courts are at), and met the other guys. We started to warm up, played a few matches for fun while waiting for others to arrive.

Coach: Sis. Eunice Lew
Firstly I thought tennis would be quite easy. It's exactly the same with badminton!! I played Wii tennis before, and its very very very easy. I played tennis games on phone before, that was even more easier. I even beat completed the World Tournament! (so pro...) BUT i was wrong.
Tennis is HARD. Why??
1. The raquet is heavy.
2. The ball is bouncy, thus it bounces very fast.
3. The court is big.
4. Serving the ball itself need lots of practice.
(and many other reasons, actually)

Coach: No one
Basketball to me is quite okay, but I am not very good in it. But the Super Junior Youths are!!! They played pro-ly.

The Super Junior Basketball Team and their Hyper Powers

Ngek Leong - Has super fast agility and quick actions. Once you get the ball, and another second the ball is in his hands. Has high stamina too. He rushed around the whole court, dribbles the ball, runs around with it, bring it to the opponents base, and "Phwet!!" the ball is in the net. Everytime he scores, I will say to myself, how can a girl not like such a good and sporty guy like him?? COME ON SISTERS!! Don't make him wait for too long!! And don't make me wait for too long!! (actually it's been a long time i haven't attended a wedding.)
Weaknesses: None.
Ways to stop him: Chop down his legs.

Daniel Phan (older one) - Has long and stong and long legs like 2 tall pillars. Once the ball is passed to him, he jumps and PUTS the ball into the net. He is always standing under the net so that he can efficiently use his power.
Weaknesses: Low stamina. He gets tired easily. Once he gets tired, he will say "Ahh, I am so tired" and stand there doing nothing. However, his energy replenishes quickly.
Ways to stop him:
1. Make him run round the court and make him tired.
2. Make him stand at the middle of the court.
2. Chop down his legs.

Gary Teh - Ahh... This is the most powerful one. He may look a little "steam" (no offence), but DO NOT judge a person by his outlook appearance!! Once you get the ball and you look at him, you will think that he is so gentle and soft and full of moral, and that will slow you down, giving chance for others to steal the ball from you.
BEWARE: DO NOT look into his eyes.... your heart will melt!! I can't see why this one is still single too!! SISTERS!!! are your hearts hard as stone?? Never mind, he will melt them down!!
Weknesses: He is quite weak and sometimes don't know what to do with the ball.
Ways to stop him:
1. Blindfold yourself while playing (to avoid looking at him).
2. Get him into your team.

Yeah. that's quite all about it. After that we went to PappaRich (RotiBoy's father) for lunch.

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