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Friday, November 26, 2010 @ 11/26/2010 02:40:00 PM
Date: 20-11-2010 to 25-11-2010
Venue: Sg. Siput True Jesus Church

Ahh... the 3rd year in JYBC... That seems fast.... So, where do I start?

Okay, lets start with my 1st year.... I still remembered that it was in Sg. Siput church also, and i was nervous. I was scared that I will have no friends there, bored, lonely.... and everything. But I still had my friends from Penang!! *to think at the bright side* Then we arrived. It was evening. I stepped into the church and saw many people, they are participants actually.... So I was like, yeah, I AM going to have a difficult time here. After registering, i went into my dorm to put my luggage there. When i opened the door, there was no one, only 1 person sleeping inside. He stared at me, I thought that he was quite fierce so I hurriedly put my luggage the and went out. I was afraid of that person. I went to find YiKai and Joseph and told them that there is a weird and fierce person in my room. They went in to look at him and went out. They told me "Yeah, he's quite scary, he stared at us too!!" Then I did not go close to that person. Then after some time, we mixed together and I learnt that his name is YewSheng. Actually he is quite a nice person, he just LOOKS fierce, and when he smiles, you can see that he is quite cute and good looking. (Just statement. Please do not think out of the box. Thank You.) And there, I made my first friend in JYBC. Haha! Then, I met some new brothers and sisters, yeah, you know, got along, and had fun. The food there was amazing!! There was this cook -- KIM GEAN, he cooked the most delicious food in the whole wide world!! During the last day, we went for an outing, to the LIBRARY, read books, watch some video clips. Frankly speaking, it was boring. *sorry!! but it really IS boring.* But on the bright side, we went to KFC for lunch and brought a free water tumbler home!! Mine is pink, and Sarah traded with me for a GREEN one. Now, my tumbler was broken, I didn't even know why it broke. Yeah, and that's the end of first year.

1st year in Sg. Siput

Bro. Loo YewSheng

Second year...... in Sg. Petani Chruch. The journey this time seems quite short to me, I didn't even sleep in the van along the way. This time we were late for Opening Ceremony because it was raining very VERY heavily. When we reached we rushed to the church hall for the Opening Ceremony. Then after that ONLY we registered.The church was big, had dormitories, had enough hot water, bathrooms and beds. This year i started to feel that JYBC is like a reunion. I really missed my friends i guess... During the last night of JYBC we had a gathering. The counsellors sang a song for us with only 1 guitar accompanying. Their voices and actions were sweet and cute, and Sis. Eunice Lee played the guitar well. That was nice and touching. As for the outing this year, we went to see horses and went to a theme park. We learnt a lot about horses and had a chance to feed them. There was one horse's name.... I forgot...... maybe Starlight or something like that. At the theme park, we played telematch. It was FUN. That year I felt the bond between us, I wanted to stay longer, I don't want to leave them, my dearest brothers and sisters. I was very unwilling to go.

2nd year in Sg.Petani church

Performance by counsellors

Photos with horses

Telematch -- Thats Pr. Hosea!

2nd year- Photos before leaving

2nd year- Photos with some counsellors

Third year...... we went to Sg. Siput church again. Everything was the same. The hall, the rooms, the bathrooms, the COLD-waters-for-brothers-only, everything. This time we arrived early in the morning, although the opening Ceremony is at night. We joined the Sabbath service there, the interpretation was from Chinese to Cantonese. COOL!! I learnt lots of Cantonese vocabs there. Besides, I learnt a little Hakka there too!! YongSong, Joel, DanielPhan, LiangJun, ZhiSheng, ZhiYu and others even composed a Hakka song -- "Zhou Mat Gai Lei Ge See Foot An Chiu??", translating into English means -- "Why Is Your Butt So Smelly?? " Although it was hilarious and the melody was quite nice (like a children's song), I don't want to talk about it. It just felt so wrong to compose such songs in church. This year's outing was SUPPOSED to be a "surprise", but we actually found out about it. We went to the Taiping Zoo's night Safari. 1st time going outing at night, to me it was so-so, because it was so dark and we hardly see any animals. And we had to wait or the sisters because I think they got lost in the zoo. Haha. The Closing Ceremony was the full-of-emotion-est this year. I broke the record -- for crying so many times there. Gosh, I don't know why but thinking about it makes me wanna cry again!! Well, we had a barbeque supper (I know having barbeque for supper is unhealthy), but I still ate some. And yeah, did I mentioned that I met 2 SUPER cute LITTLE BROTHERS this year?? Their names are LinKang and LinFeng. LinFeng is the elder one, 7 years old, and we called him LAM FONG. LinKang is the younger one, his voice is coarse and deep, so "man". they are just too ADORABLE.

3rd year in Sg Siput church again

Yikai as the Student Representative, I am the interpreter.

Me and LinKang, LAMFONG's little brother

Me and counsellor LikHang

Barbeque supper

Now Lets not talk about what happened after these years of Bible Camps okay?? Haha!!

Now that I had completed my 3rd year in JYBC, and it felt so bad. But I am going for my 1st year Theological Training Course in Port Dickson for 21 days!!!! WOOHOO!!! We can have a reunion there!! However, I know that Theolo is much different from Bible camp, because there are exams there. But you know what??? I am READY and you can BRING IT ON!!

So long to my beloved brothers and sisters in JYBC, and to those who are attending Theolo, we will meet again.

I cherish the times we had together.

Till we meet again at Jesus' feet, God be with you till we meet again.

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