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Wednesday, July 7, 2010 @ 7/07/2010 02:38:00 AM
Debate... At the beginning i thought that it was fun.... cool...... exciting...... but then i realized that it was way MORE than that!!!

When i first knew that i was joining the school debate team, i was so surprised because i thought that i did very badly during the selection interview. I thought well, i may be lucky... but i am still very afraid that i would not perform well and would "DESTROY" the whole team.

Then, another shocking thing happened. I was selected as the Debate Club assistant secretary, and again, i was shocked, as i knew that there are still lots of friends that can do better than me... I was told that it was the teacher of the club who wanted me to be the assistant secretary. not the seniors.... then i thought why..... but until now i didn't know because i didn't really asked. LUCKY again,perhaps??

Now, i am the President of the Debate Club. THAT was the MOST SHOCKING NEWS that i've ever heard, because i knew, or should i say thought, EVERYBODY thought that Min Yi was going to be President, so this unexpectable thingy really made me feel very sorry for him. In fact, i still feel quite sorry now....

Well, it can't be coincidence this time... i got a reason and i thought that it was quite acceptable but i still feel that 1 reason is not enough. Ahh...... what should i do?? I am still not ready to be President!! So, to those Excos who are seeing this, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Well, there's a fact that i can't deny, which is that i have learnt A LOT during his period in the Debate Club. I am not going to list them out one by one as there are really TOO MANY of them. Besides, to me it's a waste of time....

A very sincere THANK YOU to the teacher of the club, Ms. Lim, the fomer Excos of Debate Club, and all my fellow debate members and friends, THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity to prove my ability to all of you, THANK YOU for giving me all your trust, THANK YOU for believing in me!!

I will do my best, i promise.... and i don't break promises..... never.....

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