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Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 6/06/2010 05:05:00 PM
Exam is over, and holiday has come... What good news!! Its 2 weeks of rest plus some little activities with family, and i can't be happier.

i just hope time would stop here, because i dont want to go back to school... (because i left ALL my pressures there) and if i go back, all those pressure will hop onto my back and will start to haunt me again. Then i'll go crazy, and simply.... go crazy.

I really dont know what to write here. Well, i just cant stop listening to Gaither Vocal Band's song because they are just too nice!! Everytime i hear their voices, its like very relaxing and comfortable and i just dont want to stop!!

Yeah, a lot of things happened and i just dont want to talk about them. I guess i'll stop here. Just finished my sejarah project, and am going to start PJ project. After that, all my projects will be DONE!! Why do we need to do projects anyway?? Especially for those useless subjects like Civics and PJ?? Sigh.............

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