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Monday, March 15, 2010 @ 3/15/2010 01:47:00 PM
hey guys!! finally had some time to update my blog... very BUSY since CNY... Got lots of things to SHARE!!!!

Okayy... here is a short post about MY CNY... (i just picked the interesting parts to share... because there are still a lot of posts to be written...) =S

Penang bridge... On the way to kampung in Perak...

my first breakfast there after a night... my grandma's famous mee sua!!!!

my cute cousin form Singapore -- Gerald Ding

kid playing fireworks in the MORNING!!! (there is one BIG kid in there)

My another cousin -- Samuel Ding

My aonther cousin -- Ding Zhi Yi

Playing UNO cards... thats me in yellow... =)

Joseph and Samuel playing.... *look at his butt... i wonder what they are playing...*

Cute Zhi Yi on my shoulder...

Cousin playing Blocks....

Joseph with the blocks...

me and my name...

Joseph and his name...

catching small crabs traditional style...


me and my cousin!!

sunset 1.....

sunset 2....

My first sunset... I've never seen a sunset before...
Now I have!!

And finally, we cooked the crabs we've caught....
This is the crabs before cooking...

And the crabs AFTER cooking!!
They tasted DELICIOUS!!! You eat them together with their shell... COOL!!

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