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Typical School Day
Thursday, November 19, 2009 @ 11/19/2009 07:42:00 PM
Hi everyone and sorry that i haven't updated my blog for such a long time... =)
Brought my camera to school today...
Here are some pics and to those whose photos contains private or personal contents, SORRY!!
Hope you enjoy them!!

These are snapshots of the 2009/2010 Board Of Monitors Booksales...
Please do come and support us. We're open everyday except for Monday. The time is 0900-1200 and 140-1600.... We welcome You!!!

This is Nicholas Chong =)

This is Chuah Min Yi =)

Luther Foo =)

Min Yi again... pointing at Eujun

Min Yi

Chit Chat =)

Jack... =)

Whoahhh... so yeng... ;)

Liow Ying Wei the GENIUS =)

Group Photo!!! =)

Me and Min Yi... O.o

Jack ...

Sexy Kah Chung... =)

Kae Yang and his middle finger!!! Beside him is Chen Yong... =)

Me =)

Guess who is this guy with 2 pimples...?? Ans: Zhi Liang!!

and this guy's mouth..?? Ans: Joseph!!! *Shhh... don't tell him cuz i put in here without his permission...*

Lim Guo Liang... =)

this is me AGAIN... =)

mine is on the left, kah chung on the right... this is what you get from exchanging exam papers... =)

me and jack =)

From left: Luther, me Yuhang...

close-up of Ying Wei... a little scary

Begging for marks... =) hahhh

Guo Liang and Hooi Chun

Board Games

Aaahh... My Head!!

... i don't know why i do this pose... so ugly

Hsueh Chung =) handsome guy

From left: Ryan, Ying Wei, Yu Yang

Jia Shern =)

Chun Feng... cute boy =)

Kye Pinn =)

Yuhang hugging Yi Wei, believing that he'll get good results by hugging a smart person... hahhh... just kidding

and just look at our class's board... what've they done to my Daniel Radcliffe decoration?!?!

Kye Pinn at the canteen =)

Chun Feng

our class in the football match =)

another random shot...

Cherng Liang....

Tock Tock.... =)

Khaw Eu Sheng =)

Yong Loon hugging Rong Quan....

There is a lot more photos... but i am lazy to upload them... sorry!! hope you enjoy these...

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