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Saturday, October 17, 2009 @ 10/17/2009 08:21:00 PM

Mummy Come Home authored by Oxana Kalemi

The true story of a mother kidnapped and torn from her children

A wonderful piece of work...
Touching storyline....

Highly recommended to all of you...

It's about a woman, Oxana, with 3 children -- 2 sons, Sasha and Pasha and a daughter, Luda, tricked by a friend and was sold to a pimp. She became a prostitute. She suffered. She cried. She was raped by many men. But she told herself to live on for the sake of her children, especially her second son. Pasha, as he was deaf. At last she managed to escape after several tries. She was caught and beaten up when she tried to run. She found POPPY, a society which helps traffiked women and lived a new life with her children.

Read it if you want to know more.

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