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Exam Is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, August 20, 2009 @ 8/20/2009 08:24:00 PM
A great relief!! Haha...
Got caught copying by H'ng Mee Ang during Geography test... First time caught copying in my WHOLE LIFE!! Man, She is GOOD!! but she didn't give me 0 marks!! Thank goodness!! I thought that i am so finished... Luckily she just scolded me... This is what she said...

"Hey you the second last one in that row!! Stop turning to the back harr!! Want to copy arr?? Don't tell me u didn't, this is not the first time i saw you turning to the back!! I have been watching you for a long time you know??"

Then, everyone turned and looked at me. I was like "OMG... I am gonna be dead..."
After some time, everything turned back to normal... SCARY!!

Before collecting the papers, she said,

"You guys are A class students. You know that copying is a bad thing to do but you still do it. I am not saying that ALL of you are copying, it's just that 3 or 4 of you keep doing that..."

When she went out of class, she told me
"YOU arr... next time don't turn around again..."
I said
"OKOK..." *Phew!!*
I still have to thank her because she gave me a memorable lesson...

Now exam is over... Plus holiday for a WEEK!! I am so happy!!!

My family is going to Cameron Highlands for 3 days, but I am not going... Cuz i had to go for interview for the Asean Scholarship... Then posted me on Tuesday, they said that I am shortlisted and asked me to go for an interview on 24th of August, which is next Monday... So I had to stay at home with my dad... =X


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