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Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 7/31/2009 11:16:00 PM
Seriously, I don't even think that I will have such good results... Anyway, I am so proud of myself and damn LUCKY!!

My result slip...

I gonna thank the examiner--he is such a good man... In my opinion, male examiners are mostly better than female examiners... Haha~~

If you want to know what is written n the slip, then here it is...


Piece A4--This was a graceful account with clear articulation, good balance and melodic interest well projected in both hands. Your playing had variety and a sense of direction, there were a couple of hesitations. [26/30]

Piece B3--Your playing had poise, space and good dynamic interest. The musical argument was well understood. The texture was clear and you produced a warm, clear tone. Fast bassagework was always played with a sense of direction and nearly always with technical control. [28/30]

Piece C13--You made good use of rubato here, but at times it was a little over done. Texture were clear, trills flexible in speed and 3 against 2 was related and easy. You explored a wide dynamic range with effective pp playing.The different elements were well controlled. [28/30]

Scales and Arpeggios--Scales were well known with rapid recall and very few slips. Scales 6ths were a little less secure. Arpeggios and 7ths are mostly good. [18/21]

Sight Reading--You read expressively, it was a little hesitant but almost all correct in notes and rhythm. [18/21]

Aural Tests--D was good, errors in B part error in A and C. [12/18]

Congratulations on some really expressive and continent playing.

Total--130 marks

Maximum: 150
Total required to Pass--100
to Pass with Merit--120
to Pass with Distinction--130

*i don't know what does 'bassagework' mean... If you know pls kindly tell me...*

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