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Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ 3/12/2009 08:14:00 PM
Good day bloggers...
Today, i interviewed a professional who is an expert in snapping photos.... Those photos that he takes are extremely stunning.... you see them at friendster.com... Search for him... His email is= jlef95@hotmail.com. Before taking a look at the pictures, let me introduce the ONE AND ONLY BOY in the world who study in this unique field of Science (i guess)...

Can you, my dearest bloggers guess who he is?? HE is.............. PROF.JOSEPH LING EN FENG !!!!! i bet that most of you don't know who he is... He is just an ordinary boy in Penang UNTIL i realised his amazing talent..... SO now you know~

I took some photos while interviewing..... Oh yes... and today he will teach us how to take the BEST QUALITY PHOTOS OF YOURSELF ('zipai' in Chinese)!!! Lets study about the wonderful steps....

i)Simply pose and snap a photo!

ii)Check out your photo and make any changes (if necessary) !!

iii)Sit back, relax, raise your hand up and say :"YEAH!!!"

Thats all for today...
UNBELIEVABLE?? Believe it...

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