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Awesomeness in plain text
2nd last day @ school....
Saturday, November 15, 2008 @ 11/15/2008 01:12:00 PM
2nd last day @ school...
Pn. Ong KL (our form teacher) brought her camera,
ask us 2 gather @ the circle,
took some photos...

wanna c?

class handball team
[top row frm left: weisean, wenkee, me, yisen, jiesheng, chun hong
middle row frm left: eusheng, joshua chen
last row frm left: li-chuen, kahchung, joshua teoh]

handball team with teacher...

football team with teacher...
[standing frm left: jonathan phang, chunhoong, vincent, yisen, joseph, kaijie, chengjing, wellkit, jingzhi squatting frm left: hokim, jonathan goh, engpheng, kekchian, eusheng, juanxin, wenjie]

class basketball team
[frm left: kaven, mingwei, justin, pingwan, kelven, hairi, chienboon]

handball + football + basketball team = crazy 1T5

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